Sonntag, 18. Mai 2008

I had an idea... ENGLISH

Yes, actuelly it is really a good idea to write the blog on english. All the years I try to improve my english by booking studpied VHS courses called "Fun with the english language" or " Discover english poems". But maybe it is much easier to open a swap meet on my blog.
So to all the people who are the master of the english language. I want you to make an offer

I give you great fashion news, nice picture of me ;;;;) and you correct my writing if you see mistakes


Ok, here my first english text. You have luck, it is not written by me ....

Dear friends,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Today we proudly present you the official launch of the Berlin made green
fashion label Pamoyo and it¹s first collection ³STYLED WITH HEART².

Pamoyo was founded by Frans Prins and Cecilia Palmer to design a fashion
label with green vision and creative edge. Prins & Palmer are known as the
initiators of the Berlin Fair Fashion Affair and the Grass Routes

The label works community based, the collections derive from a growing,
creative collective of young designers. Pamoyo is the first Open Source
Fashion Label under a Creative Commons license. Patterns and designs of
Pamoyo clothing are published online for non-commercial use. The Pamoyo
blog reports on green fashion and sustainable lifestyle.

All items of the ³STYLED WITH HEART² collection are unique, one-of-a-kind
pieces made from high quality organic cotton and vintage elements. Every
piece is hand made and unique. Integrated recycled materials and a rough
sewing style make them feel authentic and exclusive. The collection is
inspired by samples of street style and an ironic re-use of retro images
and sub-cultural identities.

Pamoyo supports sustainable development and creative competences in local
communities. From the online sales, two Euro per sold item goes to
social-environmental projects.

Find out more on and read the interviews with the designers

You are warmly invited to spread the word about this new born green
fashion label!

Kindest regards,

Frans Prins & Cecilia Palmer

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