Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008

C.r.a.f.t jeans

Once upon a time whilst searching for solace and inspiration amidst the natural wonder of the Austrian mountains two experienced designers from opposing leading fashion brands happened across each other and Schnapps ultimately ensued. Whilst under an alcoholic/ mountain air haze the group came across a third party, a lovely girl with a certain edge and noticeably beautiful body. She strummed Rolling Stones songs on an old electric guitar for her companions and even more Schnapps was consumed. The next morning the girl had disappeared and the boys could barely remember a thing but the group were more than

excited about the gorgeous character they had come across and hence were inspired to create a jeans-line for individual, hot looking girls and women with the right amount of rock’n’roll soul, just like her! So the outcome of this “chance meeting” of distinctly European design folk was that the mission was completed and inspiration was found. The group formed a solid friendship and new business relationship. To this day they may not remember the events of that wonderful evening but to top it all off they even found a brand name “C.r.a.f.t - can’trememberafxxxingthing”!

PS:I am proud to call one of this jeans my owne ;)

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